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Memory Foam

Sleep is one of the great mysteries of life, like gravity or the quantum field; we still don’t fully understand why we sleep.

We know however, that good sleep is one of the corner stones of health.

Memory Foam is undoubtedly one of healthiest sleeping surfaces on the market today.

It’s pressure point relieving capability helps to improve general sleep quality, improves blood circulation, alleviates back pain and is also hyper allergenic and dust mite resistant.

When you lie on Memory Foam it isn’t just the cells you are putting pressure on that hold your weight and support you.

By displacing air through tiny channels Memory Foam spreads the entire load across the entire mattress.

Not only does it offer this excellent support but the tiny cells contour to the exact shape of your body offering optimal comfort.

Our Memory Foam is manufactured in a slab stock form on a continuous line Foaming machine in Cape Town. The reason for this being that the density of all the blocks manufactured on the same run would be exactly the same and the hardness factor too .The Density of the Memory foam is a 40 Kg/m3 – (40 Density) and is used by some of the largest manufacturers in the Bedding and Furniture Industry.

We have researched the memory foam for many years and specifically how it reacts to warm/cool conditions and KZN was a very good testing ground for this. In the past the Memory Foams manufactured locally would go completely soft in hot and humid conditions and rock solid during the cold winter months ,therefore we changed the formula to create an open cell memory foam that as with normal Polyurethane foams does not react to warm/cool temperatures at all.

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